Hello there! 

We only have one breeder (my sister in law Jennifer) that we do partner litters with! We have a special puppy named Solo, a mini F1 Goldendoodle available for sale! Estimated adult weight is 30-40 pounds full grown. 

He has a wavy coat, medium-high energy level and a confident, SNUGGLY, little guy. 

Temperament testing will be done Monday August 16th, then interviews will be followed that day for families who would like to apply! I'd love for you to read more about him from his breeder Jen, and apply telling us a bit about you and your family- and we will touch base after temperament testing to do an interview! He will be ready to go home next week, but Jen will happily keep him as long as you'll let her ;)

His purchase price is $3500. That will not include travel fees, but we have a flight nanny that can deliver for $500.

 Health warranty is the same on our website.



This is Solo. He is now ready to go home with his forever family this week.  He was born in June to our Golden Retriever Luna.

His dad is a toy poodle named Finn, owned by our friends at Pawsitively Perfect Doodles.


We were surprised to learn that Luna was only carrying one puppy. Originally, as you would expect, we were a little disappointed that we wouldn’t be having a full litter of puppies, but the way our life circumstances worked out we discovered that this ONE little puppy was exactly what we needed. 


The reason for the delay in posting Solo as an available puppy is that shortly after Solo was born my brother was diagnosed with ALS. It’s been a really hard time for our family and being able to love on this sweet little puppy has seriously been the therapy that we all needed. 


We decided that we would be Solos litter and that we would help him learn all the things that he needs to learn. His greatest teacher has been his mama, Luna. She plays with him, scolds him if he’s too rough and snuggles up with him. It really has been such a treat to watch them together. Luna is mother of the year with every litter, and this one has been no exception. 


In order to give solo new experiences we have taken him places more frequently than we’ve ever done with other litters. He’s explored three or four different gardens and had the run of three different backyards and farms. We’ve tried to give him as many new experiences as possible.  New smells, new people, new things to be curious about so that he would learn all the things that he needs to learn. He’s basically had a litter of about 25 people who have come together to help him learn that people are kind,  other dogs are kind and the world is something fun to be explored and not something to be scared of. 


In my opinion, solo is a high energy puppy. He loves to run and play and he’s a darling little ball of energy. He chases his mom and our other dog Fury, and black Lab around the yard as fast as his little legs will carry him.  He will also settle down and let you hold him and he will cuddle up and go to sleep.  We think he’s the perfect mix of fun and cuddly 


              He will have his official temperament testing this week to help us match him to his forever family!. 

Learn more about our brother here: