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Hi, I'm Julia!
Good morning! 👋 Debbie and I seem to al

I'm the Breeder of Bountiful Doodles.

I have always been an avid animal lover. I thought I’d grow up to be a vet, or a journalist that wrote articles about kids and their dogs. My favorite Saturday activity was the animals section in the Newspaper, my focus was DOGS! The best summer of my life, was the summer one of our dogs Roxy, had puppies. 


After college, marriage, and two babies- I convinced my husband to get weekly allergy shots so I could get our very first dog. He agreed that I could choose the dog, but he got to name her. You can imagine how people turn their head at the park when I yell “LINDA come here girl!” And a dog comes trotting up.

Linda is the Goldendoodle that stole our hearts. She showed me what it is to have a dog that little children and babies can climb on, pull on and never even so much as growl at them. She’s brilliant, and loves nothing more than working on training. Oh wait, snuggling, she loves snuggling more. She is a true service companion. 


I got her in hopes of reliving my childhood summer of raising puppies. What I didn’t know would happen, was falling in love with the process. I found myself lost reading everything and anything about breeding, genetics, temperament testing, health- you name it, I’ve spent hours researching it. I found breeders to mentor me, and incredible families to support me by getting our first litter of puppies!


Now, this is my career, my hobby, my passion. I am a stay at home mom to three little kids. We spend our days at home, (we’re kinda home-bodies) - raising these puppies. They are 100% apart of our family. I love the connection I get to make with families and helping them find their very own Goldendoodle to steal their hearts. 

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