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CURLY COAT +/+                                                      













Curly coated Goldendoodles have two copies of the curl gene, (+/+) just like the poodle. This makes for a tighter curl in the coat, and it is easy to see even from a few weeks old if they will have a tight curl coat as an adult. But a curl coat test is ultimately needed to verify.

We used to believe the curl gene would make them more "hypoallergenic" or less prone to shedding. Geneticists have not found this to be the case. So far, the genes responsible for shedding are called the Furnishing gene, and the shedding gene.

Although beautiful,  we have eliminated breeding curly coats. Mainly their coats are harder to groom, and more upkeep. 

WAVY COAT -/+   






Wavy coated Goldendoodles carry both a curl gene, and a straight gene. (+/-)

This coat is easier to grow longer, and easier to brush through. It still can get matted, but the face typically stays wavy/straight. As the dogs get older, their curl will get a little tighter- but typically it will stay a looser curl. 

It is easy to see before the puppy is 8 weeks old, if the puppy has the looser wavy coat. 

 STRAIGHT COAT -/-       

Straight coated Goldendoodles can look very similar to the wavy coated doodles. It is hard to know without doing genetic testing if they have the straight coat, or wavy coat. 

They get both of their straight coat genes (-/-)  from their Golden Retriever lines. But, they have one or two copies of the Furnishing gene from the poodle line that gives them their fluffy face, beard and eyebrows. 

This combination is unique and extra special for breeding because this is how we are able to guarantee wavy coats in our Multigenerational Goldendoodles.

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