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What’s the process? How does this work? How do I put a deposit down?


Hi! Thank you for taking the time to look into our program, and learning all that you can about us! I know there is a lot of information to go through- and I hope theres enough here to answer most, if not all of your questions! 



First, what do we breed? 


We breed Multigenerational Goldendoodles or Multigenerational Australian Goldendoodles. You can learn all about our parents, and upcoming litters under the ABOUT section above.


We currently breed mini-medium in size. This is usually 20-45 pounds full grown, depending on the parents. Small enough to sit on the front seat of your car, on the couch or the end of your bed without taking up too much room- but big enough to run, bike and hike with you and your family! (We think it’s the perfect size for a family dog!)


All of our dogs are shades of Red. Our litters are Apricot-Deep Mahogany Red- Cream is rare for us. About 50% of our puppies will have abstract white markings, and 20% tuxedo markings. 


Second, How do I apply for a Bountiful Doodle? 


To apply for a puppy, you must first, read over our ABOUT section. Then you can apply for a puppy application! (bottom of this page) I will e-mail you within a few days to schedule a phone call for a 30 minute interview. There I can help answer any questions, and we are a good match! If so, I will send over the contract and puppy reserve fee invoice of $500.

Then you will be added to our Master Waitlist.

 Our puppies are chosen in the order reserve fees are received.

- - -  We do this a little differently, you will not pick which litter you’d like a puppy from. (Mom’s may need to switch who the stud is, they may take longer to come into their heat cycle, or they may not get pregnant all together. I don’t want you to be responsible to wait for mother nature.)  I have found this to be the best solution for our families waiting!


Once you are at the top 10 of a list, I will send you an e-mail when a pregnancy has been confirmed. That will give you an average of 3 months notice of when you could be bringing a puppy home!

(Moms are pregnant for 9 weeks, and we raise the puppies for 8 weeks.)

Once puppies are born, I will e-mail you again with pictures, puppy count and gender- along with where you’re at in line. You then have 24 hours to decide if you’d like to stay, or skip that litter and wait for our next litter. You will stay in order of your reserve fee.


I send e-mails every week with what we do that week, pictures of puppies, weights and I upload a video. You can follow along on our Instagram for daily updates as well!

I will help you as you choose your puppy! We don't choose until 6-7 weeks old when temperaments have started to show!

You can come in person, or we will facetime. Most of our families live out of state and we have had fabulous success helping all!


On average, families wait 6-12 months for a puppy from us. The more flexible you are on color, gender, and markings, the sooner we will be able to get you a puppy! If you are looking for a Tuxedo marked puppy - you will likely wait at least a year for your puppy.

The most important step to me, is that you are matched with a puppy with the right temperament for you! I will help guide you and explain who I think is the right fit for you, but ultimately it is your decision who you choose.


What do Puppies Cost?


Please view our Pricing page!

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