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What is unique about our program? 

  • We only produce wavy and straight coat Goldendoodles.

    •  We are the only breeder in Utah who offers this, and one of few, in the nation!

  • Temperament tested puppies, matching our puppies to their forever families.

    • I get to know you, your family, and help match you with your perfect future family member.

  • Authentic Multigenerational Goldendoodles with 6+ generation pedigree

    • We know our lines, and where they come from.

    • Our Multigenerational Goldendoodles produce more consistent coats, and temperaments. 

  • We have produced many service and therapy animals, and continue to do so every year!

  • We strive to produce puppies with proportionate body frames, testing our dogs for IVDD/CDDY. (avoiding short legs like a dachshund.) 

    • Also by breeding dogs that are pretty close in size to one another to help keep size consistent. 

  • Our dogs are fully health tested, and we only breed our dogs to other fully health tested dogs.

  • We believe it is important that our puppies are in family homes, and not being bred irresponsibly, that is why we require all of our dogs to be spayed/neutered if not sold as breeding dogs to breeders. 

  • We follow the Empowered Breeder program for raising our puppies.

    • We Start with ENS/ESI at 3 days old. Avoid holding our puppies much for 2 full weeks to bond with their mom/littermates. Then slowly incorporate more curriculum into their lives.​

  • We believe in giving back.

    • We have donated 20k to ALS, & will continue to donate a puppy a year.

    • Mentoring/educating beginner breeders.

    • Educating the public on responsible breeding, and doodle ownership.

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