We are a small in home breeder, we currently raise around 8 litters per year. All puppies are raised in our home, loved by us. This is my full time passion!

Our puppies are raised in a designated puppy room. It is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected at least once a day, with a doggy door leading to the outside puppy play area.

We raise our puppies on a Therapy and Service Dog Curriculum. Day by day, and week by week we change what we focus on, and are introducing the puppies to something new daily. Based on their age and ability to handle different stimuli. 

I have a very rigorous socializing system. We need our puppies to know that the world is safe, people are good, and dogs are friendly. We teach puppies touch tollerance slowly begginning at just 3 days old. We start with Extra Neurological Stimulation (ENS) from day 3-16.  We also introduce Early Scent Introduction days 3-16.

 Socializing puppies is my passion, we bring in new floor texture mats, toys, outside experiences, taking the puppies with us to stores, for car rides. The puppies meet outside, safe dogs. We make sure each puppy is held and played with by at least 15-20 different people by the time they go home. We litter box train our puppies starting at around week 3- and continue to train them to potty outside. 

By the time puppies go home, they are comfortable being pulled, and tugged on, they are used to loud noises, and are so confident in themselves. We work hard to potty train, and crate train your puppy before they go home as well! 

Each puppy goes through temperament testing at 7 weeks old. Families are matched with a puppy that fits their family, based off of personality, not looks or gender. We take those into consideration.