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First time leaving your puppy is SO SAD!

Debbie is a Mini Multigenerational Goldendoodle weighing 35 pounds. 

She is a deep mahogany red,

&  has the most incredible velvet soft coat.

Debs is our family dog and we adore her. She is the clown of our family, loves to give kisses and to snuggle.

She loves walks, hikes and is a fabulous minder. Debs is the daughter of Linda, and is always on her heels. 

She lives for fetch, and to be with the kids. Debbie is also a wonderful mother!


Debbie is clear for genetic diseases through Embark.

She has been tested through PenHIPP and has "GREAT" hips.

She is cleared through OFA for her Heart and Eyes as well.

She is IC clear, -/+ coat curl (wavy).

Pending OFA elbows.

Embark testing for Debbie.


We are BEYOND excited to have Maisie Doo

Maisie is a gorgeous Goldendoodle. She's unique for a few reasons, her dark red coat is the same you would see in an Irish Setter.

 She has a loose wavy/straight coat that is so soft.


Maisie is playful, and a cuddler like you wouldn't believe.

She loves to play fetch, play at the park and be with her humans.

(Oh, and her Corgi brother!)

Maisie has been fully health tested, and passed all of her testing.

She is tested through Animal Genetics:

F/f , has a wavy -/+ coat

and is clear of all Genetic Diseases.

She had her PenHIPP test done and has "GREAT" hips! 

OFA tested and cleared through OFA for Eyes, and heart. 

Pending OFA elbows.


Maisie produces consistently brilliant and service quality puppies.


Every puppy needs to go home with a Red
Mae mae has been practicing her stay, he
Mae is a Multigenerational Goldendoodle weighing 35 pounds.
She was born and raised here at Bountiful Doodles, a daughter to our incredible Linda and outside stud Finley.
She has a beautiful wavy coat, her cream hair comes from her english retriever lines. 
I have never met a Goldendoodle as soft as her. Her coat is like a luxurious, Mink fur blanket!

Mae is actually short for Mei Mei, which means little sister in Chinese.
She has one older sister, and 3 older brothers, 3 were adopted from China! 
Her family knew just what they wanted to name her!
Her sister loves to play dress up and do Mae's hair in pig tails and bows.
She loves to snuggle, and work on her training.

Mae has a wavy coat -/+
 F/F Fully Furnished
Clear of all genetic diseases.
ICH carrier
PenHipp score of excellent, top 10% of all Goldendoodles.
OFA tested and cleared through OFA for Eyes, and heart
PRELIM OFA hips and elbows clear.


My husband on repeat, “Winnie is so damn
W I N N I E ✨ swipe to see how much she’
Winnie is a true Mini Goldendoodle.
This tiny girl weighs around 20 pounds. 
She is an F1b - and comes from great dark red lines.

Winnie is hilarious, and spoiled rotten by our parents. She's a snuggle advocate,
and gives the most and best kisses!
She loves to hike, and chase the ball. She especially loves to play with her older goldendoodle sister Stella. 

Winnie has a wavy coat and clear of all genetic diseases.
PenHipp score of excellent, top 10% of all Goldendoodles.
OFA tested and cleared through OFA for Eyes, and heart.


Photo Jul 04, 5 51 20 AM.jpeg

Penny is an Australian Goldendoodle.

Her dad is a Multigeneration Australian Labradoodle (Poodle, Cocker Spaniel and lab)

Her mama is Debbie our Multigeneration Goldendoodle.

 She stole our hearts with her calm and easy going personality.

These days she lives with her guardian family, including 4 little kids she loves to lick and snuggle.

Her family adores her, and can't believe how much a dog can love!

Penny has a wavy fleece coat, and is fully furnished, clear of all genetic diseases.

PenHipp score of great.

OFA tested and cleared through OFA for Eyes, and heart

PRE-LIM OFA hips and elbows clear.

Penny's guardian mom Ali raises her litters at her home 




Linda, Linda, honey listen: is the foundation for Bountiful Doodles.

She was our first goldendoodle- and our first breeding mom here.

She is an outstanding dog. 

We call her Grandma Linda because she is now grandma to ALL puppies born here. She takes them under her wing, plays with them, cleans them and is often found trying to nurse them.


She gifted us:

1 school therapy dog, 1 diabetic alert dog, 1 service therapy dog, and many emotional suptherapy dogs. Plus, we have kept back two of her puppies to pass on everything her amazing temperament. Debbie, and Mae!

She is our family dog and we couldn't love her more. She is an amazing pet to us, and our 3 little kids. She is confident, calm, playful, and snuggly.

Linda is clear for genetic diseases, as well as clearances through OFA for Hips/Elbows/Heart and Eyes. She is IC clear, +/+ coat curl (curly).


Stella lives the good life in rural Utah
Meet Stella, if you haven’t already! _Sh
Just received Stellas PenHIPP results an
Stella gifted us with 2 litters.
Including our upcoming mama Poppy & stud Charlie. 

She is now happily living with our in-laws hiking everyday with her pup sister Winnie :)
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