Multigenerational Mini-Medium Goldendoodles 2022-2023

Multigenerational Goldendoodles are generations of breeding Goldendoodles back to Goldendoodles.

This creates more consistency in low-non shedding coats, size and easy-going temperaments, As well as soft fleece coats.

Our Multigens are typically 25-40 pounds full grown. 

All have wavy, fleece coats- no tight curls. Low/Non Shedding.

Before Applying for a Bountiful Doodle:

  • Please review our litters below & Master Waitlist. (Each mom usually has 6-10 puppies per litter)

  • Please read over our pricing page.  

  • Our Families wait on average,12 months to bring their puppy home.

  • INSTAGRAM UPDATES @bountifuldoodles

Penny X Milo
Estimated Winter 2022
Australian Labradoodle/Goldendoodles
Shades of Red abstract white markings 
Wavy Fleece Coats
20-30 pounds full grown
1. Breeders pick
2. Breeders pick
3. Emily & Max
4. Courtney & Brian NY
5. Natalie
6. Erica
Maisie X Leo - (Estimated Spring 2023) 
Retirement litter 
Multigenerational Medium Goldendoodles
Shades of red, abstract, and tuxedo markings
Wavy - straight coats
30-45 pounds full grown
1. Donation Beth S. FL
2. Breeders pick
3. Shana
4. Stacie
After these two litters we are taking a break from breeding in 2023
Applications are only open when a litter is born and that is when we will interview families!
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