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Mini - Medium Multigenerational Goldendoodles


We specialize in wavy coats.

Multigenerational Goldendoodles and

Australian Labradoodle/Goldendoodles

Mini/Medium Goldendoodles

Typically 30-40 pounds full grown

Mini Goldendoodles 

Typically 20-30 pounds full grown


All puppies are $3500

Breeders pick (1st or 2nd pick) $5500

Breeding dogs $9000

Donation puppies $10,000

How does this work?

1. Apply for a puppy

2. Phone interview

3. If we're the right fit,

$500 Reserve fee is required to hold your spot on the waitlist.

Our families go straight to a Master Waitlist

They do not need to choose a specific litter.

I contact waitlist families once a mama is pregnant.

Families are allowed to skip up to 3 litters, then a reserve fee must be placed again.

Families on the waitlist typically wait 6-12 months for a puppy from us.

Breeders pick (spot one and two) are reserved for possible future breeding dogs for us, or another breeder.

It is also for families that would like to have one of the first picks on a litter,

or would like to skip the wait.

 This can be decided when we interview, or later.

(If a breeders pick is not held back- price does not go up for a family on the waitlist)

We do not sell our puppies based off of looks, and markings.







Our Puppy Reserve Fee is $500 and is included in the final purchase price. 

Each puppy will be sold on a strict spay/neuter contract. 

Each puppy goes home with:

  • 2 year Health Guarantee!

  • Deworming medication administered during first 8 weeks

  • 7 week Vet check + first round of vaccinations

  • Health certified by our vet

  • Microchip with Lifetime registration  $75 Value.

  • Bountiful Doodles very own Puppy Starter plan and breakdown to ensure a successful start

  • Socialization charts

  • Facebook support group with all BD owners.

  • Pupwell Ultimate Grooming Course $150 Value

We help prepare you, before you bring your puppy home!

  • Weekly:

    • E-mails detailing puppy progress FAQ, step by step instructions making it a seamless experience & transition.

    • Pictures uploaded to a private dropbox folder

    • Multiple instagram videos

  • Puppy Checklists of supply recommendations

  • Food recommendations

  • Online Dog Training recommendations

  • You will have a friend and a puppy expert to help you get started, and a lifetime of support on this exciting journey!!   

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