Mini - Medium Multigenerational Goldendoodles

We specialize in Multigenerational Goldendoodles and

Australian Labradoodle Goldendoodles

Mini/Medium Goldendoodles

Typically 30-40 pounds full grown

Mini Goldendoodles 

Typically 20-30 pounds full grown


$3500- $4500

We do not guarantee the size your dog will be full grown

Typically, dogs weigh in the middle of both parents weight.

We try to keep our breeding dogs within 10-20 pounds of each other.

All dogs have wavy, low to non shedding coats.

We do not sell dogs based off of looks, and markings.

All puppies are temperament tested and matched with a family at 7 weeks,

then go home at 8 weeks old.


Breeding dogs are sold for $9,000.00. 

No breeding dogs are sold from Leo.

If you're interested, apply for a puppy and write in the comments about your breeding program!


Our Puppy Reserve Fee is $500 and IS included in the final purchase price. 

Each puppy will be sold on a strict spay/neuter contract. 

*Utah sales tax will be added to the final purchase price *

Each puppy will go home with:

  • 2 year Health Guarantee!

  • Deworming medication administered during first 8 weeks

  • 7 week Vet check + first round of vaccinations

  • Health certified by our vet

  • Microchip with Lifetime registration  $75 Value.

We help prepare you, before you bring your baby home!

  • We sell a Puppy Starter Kit with everything you need to get started.

  • We send you home with Bountiful Doodles very own Puppy Starter plan and breakdown to ensure a successful start

  • Socialization charts and weekly socialization reminders through e-mail.

  • Puppy Checklists of supplies

  • Supply recommendations 

  • Online Dog Training recommendations

  • You will have a friend and a puppy expert to help you get started on this exciting journey!!