Health Guarantee

We know buying a puppy is a big commitment.
We have spent a lot of time making sure your puppy comes from a healthy and well balanced home. All parents are fully health tested. 
We offer a 72 hour fully refundable health guarantee that your puppy is free of any life threatening illness. We also off a two year health guarantee against life threatening diseases. 
  • Our puppies are raised in the cleanest possible  environment. We thouroughly deep clean the area at least once a day.

  • We don't let outside shoes inside the nursery, or unwashed hands handle the puppies. 

  • We use air filters, several fans and a desensitizer in our fully tiled puppy nursery.

  • Puppies have their first vet check, with dewclaws removal within the first 5 days of life.

  • We administer dewormers every 2 weeks to puppies and mom.

  • By 8 weeks of age we take puppies get all age appropriate vaccinations. 

  • All our puppies get a final thourough check from our Vet and a health bill of approval before they head home.

Breeding Parents Health Testing:


OFA or Dr. Wallace report for hip scores of Fair, Good, Excellent, for x-rays taken at 24 mos. of age or later.

PennHip Distraction Index (DI) equal to, or tighter than, the breed average with no evidence of osteoarthritis (OA) done at 4 months of age or later;


OFA Permanent heart clearance (Golden Retrievers and Goldendoodles only).


OFA cleared at 24 months of age


CAER OFA Certificate

DNA genetic disease testing:

Each parent has a full genetic health and coat panel run. Clear of over 180 genetic diseases, including:

Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures (NEWS), Golden Retriever Progressive Retinal Atrophy (GR-PRA1) , Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) , Ichthyosis A (ICH) .

* Health testing is time consuming, expensive and if failed- will not be added to our breeding program. Responsible and ethical breeders follow these guidelines. Make sure the "health tested" Goldendoodle you are looking at has more than DNA health testing done.*