Everyone can groom their own dog with the right tools!

Even if you don't groom, you can definitely brush, bath and dry

between grooms!




Dog food we Recommend:
Lifes Abundance, All Lifes Stages
All of our dogs and puppies eat Lifes Abundance! 
We have tried all the dog foods, and this has become our favorite. 
 We love this because it is made in the USA.
The company has never had any recalls.
My females urine doesn't kill the grass anymore!!
Delivers right to your door in usually, 3 days!

Puppy Starter Kit

Your puppy has a lot of needs, and there are thousands of products out there to choose from.


That’s why I came up with our Puppy Starter Package. It’s everything you need to get started, and takes the searching, looking at amazon reviews and trying to decide which-of-what to order.

(Currently only offered to Bountiful Doodle Families)